Once a user project has been setup for iVersion backups, you save version backups.

To Create a New Version Backup

Click the Save a Version action button.

Each time the Save a Version action button is clicked, a new snapshot of your project is added on top of the stack of version

backups. Each time a version backup is saved, the version number will automatically increment from the last version backup. You'll have to enter only one thing:

  • Enter a version description (up to 40 characters of numerics, alphas, underscore, and dashes)

Spresso iVersionIt will collect all of the files and subfolders located in the user project folder. This single version backup file is saved in the iVersionIt backup folder.

Note: Some editions limit the number of version backups in each project. For example, the Decaf edition can save up to nine version backups. If you still want to take a version backup, use the Manage Versions action button to delete one or more prior version backups. This will make room for anotherversion backup.