Software apps have gotten messy and very anti-customer. Time-limited trials, subscriptions, fee add-ons, and maximum system installations. Everything to cause frustration and confusions. Some of you may remember Borland Corporation's simplified license management back in the 80s. They took the approach that software apps should be treated like a book. We've taken their approach one step further:



Most of us don't worry about licensing or read the fine print until it bites us in the ass. We don't read 'em either. So for those of us with short attention spans, here are the highlights on licensing for the Spresso iVersionIt app:

  • Per-user licensing based on your email and platform (Windows or macOS)
  • Install on all of your machines (we trust you so we don't count licenses)
  • You'll get complimentary technical support (as long as we remain in bizness)
  • All updates and upgrades are <gasp> free
  • No subscriptions to mess with—EVER

There is one thing that we've done bad. Licensing a Windows version of the app requires a different license than macOS. So, if you want to license the Americano (personal) edition for both operating system platforms, you'll need to purchase the Americano unlocker for both Windows and macOS. (Instead of paying $3, you'll be out a grand total of <gasp> $6 USD.)