To set up Spresso iVersionIt for your project, do the following:

  1. Give your project a description
  2. Select where your project folder is located
  3. Select where you want the version backups to be stored

Make sure all of your files associated with the project are located under a single project folder.

To set up your project, click the Set Up a Project action button on the iVersionit main window and follow the instructions.

Note: You may be limited to the number of active projects being versioned based on which Spresso iVersionIt app edition in use. For example, the Decaf edition only lets you version backup one project at a time. If you do exceed the maximum active projects, deactivate one (under the Manage Versions action button) and then try again. The Espresso edition allows an unlimited number of projects can be active at one time and the Americano edition supports a maximum of ten active projects at one time.