Leading Software Maniacs makes licensing easy. There are no subscriptions, no trials, no complex rules for usage, and no update or upgrade fees.

The Decaf (free edition) gives you the complete app and all support files. To enable advanced features, you'll need to purchase a license for either the Americano or Espresso unlocks from our http://www.SpressoiVersionIt.com site on a platform (Windows or macOS). If you want to use Spresso iVersionIt on both platforms (Windows and macOS), you'll have to purchase two licenses.

This table shows what is in each edition:

Decaf (free forever) editionAmericano personal editionEspresso professional edition
Max number of active user projects
Max version backups for a project925Unlimited
Max total file size for a project200 MB2 GB5 GB
Compressed version backupsNoNoYes
Disks to use for version backupsInternal diskInternal, removableInternal, removable
Version number formatsMajor (1 format)
Ex: 1, 2, 10
Ex: 1.1, 1.2, 10.5
Ex: 1.0.0. 10.123.456
Date and time available formats2 date, 2 time6 date, 2 time9 date, 2 time
Support for system (hidden) filesNoYesYes
Drag and drop supportNoYesYes